Here is some of the workout equipment I actually love and use!
I do not have a lot of room in my house for big machines or fancy devices. I get up early to work out so I need to have everything handy. Easy to take out, set up and put away or I will find excuses not to work out.
I have purchased these items little by little so the investment has been low but the value of these items for is PRICELESS!

JUNGLE GYM: When doing the workouts I have found it helpful to have a few small items handy! Most of this equipment is fairly inexpensive and will really help to keep you on track. When I started the Ageless Abs program I was introduced to the Jungle Gym. If you don't have room for an actual workout machine then this is a must have!
Made by Lifeline USA it easily rests on the opposite side of a door frame and will not harm the door or the frame. Great way to do pull ups, chest flys, etc.

GYMBOSS INTERVAL TIMER: Another piece of equipment I cannot live without! I own 2 of them so I can quickly change modes without having to press buttons. This item can be used as an interval timer - no more watching the clock to see if your 10 second rest is up or if your 50 second interval is over, it will beep automatically for the times you set - no guess work! It cam also be used as a stop watch so timing your workout challenges is accurate! It comes in 3 colors - Black, Silver & Pink.

WORKOUT MAT: I personally like a large workout mat. I use one that is designed to go under a workout machine but any mat will be helpful. I found that as I got used to working out that I tend to turn the mat horizontally to me so that when I jump down to do a push up only my hands/chest are on the mat and the rest of my body is to a "T" on the mat if that makes sense so any size mat will work. It is important to use one if you are working gout on a hard surface as it cushions the impact a bit.

DUMBBELLS: Most of us probably already have dumbbells of some weight but you will need weights ranging from 5 lbs (3lbs if you are a real beginner) all the way to 20+ lbs each. That means you need a pair (2) of each weight. I finally ended up purchasing the Bowflex SelectTech Weights. It was a very big investment but I didn't have the space to store a bunch of weights. I am able to dial my weights from 5 lbs all the way up to 52 lbs each. I have used up to 30 lbs each in some of the workouts so they have been a great tool for me.

WEIGHTED GLOVES: I have always loved kickboxing! When I started doing the Weight Based Interval Training and the Tabata Invervals I found that these gloves have been invaluable for adding resisitance with the tabatas therefore kicking up my heart rate & also with the weight training I could add an extra 1 lb to each hand and therefore add extra weight to my lifting gradually! Love them! Use them a lot!

JUMP ROPE: Okay, I am not a fan of the jump rope. I am not good at it. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I plan to practice more outside as I am nervous jumping indoors. Jumping Rope is a very good way to increase your cardio, endurance , and strengthen your calves, etc. Right now I am "Jumping Rope" without a jump rope. I love the benefits of it!

ULTIMATE BODY PRESS DIP BAR: This is my new toy! Scott Colby had recommended a different versin of this but it was 2 pieces and I was worried about the stability of it. I found the UBP Dip Bar online and really liked it. It took awhile for me to actually buy it as the Jungle GYm was doing pretty much the same thing. Once I started doing some of Zuzana's BOdyRock.Tv workouts I ordered it. I must say it is much more difficult to do a pull up (bodyweight row) on this bar as it is on a Jungle Gym. If you are looking for a small piece of equipment that you can do bodyweight rows on as well as dips, etc, this is a breat item!

BOSU BALL: My latest addition. Since I have become stronger, I need something a bit more advanced that will challenge my muscles and help me push my workoouts to the max! This innocnet little half ball delivers all that and more. There is so much you can do on this ball. They can be pricey at about $100.00, but easy to store and does not take up as much room as a full size stability ball.

AB WHEEL (ROLLER): Okay, I am not an informercial, but I love this little gem. I use it on days when I feel I haven't worked my arms or abs as well as I should have. It is also amazing for working and strengthening you lower back. For the price this is a great little piece to add to your workout gear! I love it!

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