Happy New Year 2012 - A new year - A new YOU!

So, I have been neglecting this blog because I have actually been hanging out at Sparkpeople.com.

I am going to try to keep up with my blog here and try to stay motivated and hopefully motivate you!

If you are feeling like me then you are feeling fat, bloaty, stuffed and in my case suddenly deconditioned! It is that time of year where I tend to spend 7 - 10 days misbehaving. I swear every year I won't do it, but alas, I always seem to fall into the same rut.

If this sounds familiar, don't beat yourself up. lets just get back on track, cut our losses and make a commitment to a new healthy lifestyle and a new healthy you!

No diets here, (that's a bad word), just good healthy, clean eating and a desire to get up and get moving!

What are YOU going to do today?

Time to download some new music to the old Ipod and get going. Even if you just move 10 minutes 3 times a day you will feel better and start on your Quest for a new Best YOU!

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Mahi Seo said...
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Anonymous said...

Daily exercise has made me not only look good but changed my attitude towards life. Its bit hard to exercise by yourself, so i am looking for a personal trainer. Can you suggest me in home personal trainers?

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