About Me


About Me:

I just turned 48 years old and am a mother of 2 beautiful children. I have been married for 25 years and boy does the time fly!

I have always been interested in fitness, working out and eating well. Up until I hit my late 30's I never had much of a problem with my weight. I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancies, but I was always able to bounce back. Then I started noticing that I was falling into a pattern:
  • Gaining weight steadily until Christmas or the end of the year.
  • Making a New Year's resolution to lose the weight.
  • Working out until Summer when I would reach my goal
  • Stop working out and slowly fall back into gaining weight until the end of the year!
It was a vicious cycle and I found that each year not only was I gaining back the weight, but I was also gaining extra weight each time. Not only that I found that each time I tried to lose the weight it would get harder and harder to get it off and keep it off!

My mother always preached to me that muscle was bad, I would look bulky and what the scale read was "the most important thing". Well, boy was she ever wrong!

While I had been interested in working out, eating healthy and trying to take care of myself all those years, the problem was that I didn't have all of the tools I needed to be successful! I would eat right but perhaps not work out properly. I was of the mindset that muscle was my enemy, so I would eat very few calories lose a bunch of "weight" and then gain it all back and then some. I never realized that each time I did this I was also losing muscle that was so important to being healthy!

I have learned over the years that while the scale can be a very useful tool in helping to keep a person on track, it can also wreak havoc on your plan and ruin your best intentions. You see, I have always been a slave to the scale. If the weight reading on it goes up...my self esteem goes down! Not a good thing! So many variables can cause a fluctuation in the numbers. So...use the scale weekly as a guideline only and let your clothes and weekly photos of yourself be your guide!

A New Year!

I started this adventure about the 3rd week of September, 2010. I joined up with Scott Colby "The Abs Expert" after finding a new program called Ageless Abs. Along with about 22 other people in their 40's. 50's and perhaps 60's we took a great journey in discovering our changing bodies and what we could do to try and reverse time and get back a younger body.

Since the program ended I sort of fell off a tiny bit an decided to start this blog to keep myself on track and let others know of my adventure!

It was a 12 week serious program designed to put our hormones back in order, burn some fat and build some endurance while building some muscle. I felt fairly satisfied with my results. We worked out 6 days a week and I never missed 1 workout! I watched myself grow a bit smaller and leaner in the process. We all learned a lot about ourselves and why we do the things we do that can sometimes sabotage our best intentions. It was hard to get used to eating "cleanly" but with patience, hope and all the right tools I managed to clean my system up, get the toxins out and feel more energetic.
Then the holidays rolled around. I was so good up until just after Thanksgiving, when the program ended. Suddenly I didn't know what to do with myself. I was caught up in the craziness of holiday shopping. The kids were home from school, parties frequently through out the week and bad food everywhere!

I am happy to report that I managed to keep working out 6 days a week until Dec. 25th. Then I managed to only miss 1 workout...util December 30th...my birthday! I went away for a great birthday & New Years eve celebration in Las Vegas. I had just come down with a serious head cold and horror of all horrors, I forgot my Gymboss. Gymboss GB2010 BLACK SOFTCOAT I had my workout clothes, but seemed to find every excuse not to workout or eat well. I got back on track with the workouts, but i am still not eating as well as I should.

So starts a new adventure for me! I have my mindset back and have been doing better so on Monday I will be back to my program full swing! I have since been in touch with Belinda Benn of Get Lean Program and I will be working with her to fine tune my new eating plan as well as discussing what workouts I should do at this

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